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Obligatory celebration of death and undeadness.

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Sachiko Takahashi
Fifth Year

Joined: 31 Jul 2007
Posts: 18

PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 12:52 pm    Post subject: Obligatory celebration of death and undeadness.  Reply with quote

Sachiko smoothed out her uniform and fiddled with the napkins, feeling pretty stupid. An older Slytherin girl, close to graduating had grabbed her by the arm a few days ago when she was on her way to bed....

"Hey, kid, c'mere", the older girl, a skinny blonde with thin unevenly cut hair, grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her into the common room.

"What is it, Rumella? I have too much homework in Defence" she whined, "Then I have to spill more of my blood to appeal to the spirits to find my true Dark Master."

The older girl rolled her eyes but refused to comment. This crazy chick had been on a vampire finding quest since first year, probably longer. It was easier to just carry on.

"Look, it's your turn to host the Halloween party for the older students. It's always held at The Hog's Head. If you don't that means we are all stuck sneaking into the kiddie party at The Three Broomsticks, and I don't think you want to see what will happen to you then. Just go on, place the orders, get the room ready, and we'll be there after nine on Halloween night." she pressed a small bag of coins into Sachiko's hand, and moved away quickly, before she could find some kind of excuse, like wanting to compose songs in her yet undiscovered Dark Lord's honor or some shit.

The room was mostly black. Black table cloths, real shrunken head for napkin rings, gray napkins, real spiderwebs, with petrified crystallized spiders dangling from them, the works.

She took a swig from a bottle of firewhisky, and hid it behind the bar. It was fully stocked with the harder stuff, just waiting for her victims classmates.
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Mallory Benson
Fifth Year

Joined: 28 Apr 2007
Posts: 51

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 6:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mallory took a long look around. Somebody sure got into the holiday spirit. She sighed, and dropped her purse onto the chair next to her, and took a seat off to the side. She smiled at Sachiko, and wasn't surprised to see a look of dismal despair in return. Someone really needed to give that girl some candy. Or at least a hug. She wondered what her deal was, but didn't want to ask. It could be something horrible. She could be in a cult.

She sniffed at the butterbeer she had taken from the bar, and stared at everyone. Hardly anyone was here yet, and mostly it was people she didn't associate with too much out of class. She smiled and nodded at a few older students, who weren't too cool to notice her, but were way to cool to sit with a fifth year. Mallory flipped her hair over her shoulder, tapped her nails, hummed with the music, and just fidgeted in general. She wondered how long before she could make her excuses and leave, politely.

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